The Importance of Picking the Right Keywords

It’s not always about getting visitors to your website, but its about getting the right kind of visitors.

Picking the right keywords for your website is what will make or break the kind of business you receive on your website. Keywords research is one of the most valuable and high return activities in the search-marketing field. Creating vague keywords will cause visitors to make it to your site, but once they are there the will most likely leave before even clicking anything. Prospective customers want to find exactly what they are searching for. If your keywords are specific and tailored directly to your products it is a guarantee that people searching for what you offer will make it to your site.

When creating keywords it is important to do your research. Using the keyword planner in Google Adwords is the best place to start. You will gain information on prospective keywords such as the average monthly searches and suggested bids. It is important that you have a handful of keywords when trying to target to the right audience. Keywords can either be short tail or long tail and depending on the product and other types of keywords you have, using both of these types can be found to be beneficial when doing your research.

Short Tail:

Short tail keywords are search phrases with only three words or less. Their length makes them less specific than searches with more words. “Egg” (1 word) is an example of a short tail keyword. Broad keywords or short-tail keywords are searched more often than individual tail keywords, driving a lot of traffic.

Long Tail:

Long tail keywords are search phrases with three and four keyword phrases, which are very specific to what you are selling.  When a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.

Here’s how the long tail relates to search engines. Below, the number of words per search is graphed on the x-axis and the volume of searches is graphed on the y-axis.

Short tail keywords appear within the “fat head” part of this chart.

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Keywords are very important to a website and you want to make sure you do all of the research needed before picking them. Whether you use short tail or long tail is your decision, based upon what best fits your website. Do remember that keywords may need changing based upon the business and traffic your website receives. Your keywords will be ever-changing, just as the world is ever changing around us.

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