My Truth on Digital Marketing

What I learned in my Digital Consumer Search & Marketing class in College.

I’m going to be honest and tell you that most of the things I learned in my digital consumer search & marketing class in college was not what I thought it would be. In many of my major classes I have found myself losing interest for most parts of the semester beacuse I felt like I was learning the same things over and over again. But this class I was actually learning new things, but nothing significantally grasped my attention. Until finally, one of the key topics we were learning about and the major project for the class turned out to be the most interesting thing I have learned all throughout my major courses.

Prior to the class I thought that digital marketing was creating advertisements and content for businesses that would market their product or service. In a way it is, but there is much more to it. I learned that digital marketing involves analyzing a lot of data and doing research. One reason I chose business, specifically marketing is because numbers and I don’t get along. The numbers you use in digital marketing are different than what an accountant or finance major would use, but they are still numbers. For some reason numbers intimidate me, at least when I am held responsible for analyzing them.

Throughout the semester I learned about different topics such as offsite and onsite SEO, keyword research, pay-per-click advertising, digital media buying, web publishing, and analytics. All of these are very important in digital marketing. One of these key topics stood out to me throughout the semester, and ever since I feel as if I have finally figured out what I want to do. I learned that I don’t want to do the research and data, but that I want to create content. If you haven’t figured out what topic I am talking about, it is web publishing. Throughout the course we had to build a website based on two keywords and work on it consistently to build up our ranking and drive traffic. This is in relation to Onsite SEO, which I discuss in one of my other blogs.

Although this was my first time ever creating a website, I found that I really enjoyed doing it and wanted to learn all I could. I get a thrill off of constantly working to make the website look better. Everyday that I log on to my website I ask myself “how can I change or improve upon my content to make it appealing to everyone that makes it to my site?” It is said that 75% of learning is done visually and if the content on my website can impact someone by appealing to their needs or emotions, that makes it all worthwhile.

As of now I am working to further my interest and gain more experience. I have partnered with a local business that is just starting out and needs a website to showcase all of their products and services. I had the courage to take on this role because of the confidence I have gained on web publishing throughout the semester. I have also been in contact with another local business who has been up and running for a little over a year and is now needing a website to expand upon their brand. After graduation I will be searching for SEO internships and jobs to partner with other like-minded people and improve upon the skills I have taken away from this class.

Learning new information can be nerve racking, but it also can be the most exciting, most influential thing you could do. Learning all of the key components I mentioned earlier in this post is what will help me in my future career of web publishing. It really all does come together, and it all comes full circle!



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